Captiva Island Fishing Charters


While the area of Southwest Florida has lots of shark fishing charters, there are some critical differences that make us stand out from our competitors in Captiva Florida. Our clients need a veteran, trusted and well-known Captiva FL Deep Sea Fishing Charter Company who is concerned about their best interest and who treats charter clients as if they were their own family.

We have flourished and grown in a highly ambitious market due to the fact that we realize the importance every adventure holds to each vacationer and their families. We provide both personalized and pre-packaged adventures that include offshore fishing, flats fishing, dolphin watching, birding, shelling, and more.

Your well being is paramount when out on the water for a trip. The elements can be a force to contend with while boating. We are proud to provide our clients with a ride aboard one of our 24” Morgan center console boats. Our boats glide along the shallow backwaters of Pine Island Sound and provide a smooth ride offshore in the Gulf too. The wide open design offers ample room for your whole group and each has canvas biminis for shade from the Florida sun.

Should you need inspiration, Captain Jeremy Stewart can get you started. We accommodate a large number of visitors to Southwest Florida with a wide variety of adventures. No group comes back to the dock without having experienced an exhilarating time on the waters off of Fort Myers, Sanibel Island and Captiva Island (NOAA’s Florida Gulf Coast Chart No. 11427 (Fort Myers to Charlotte Harbor and Wiggins Pass). Consider us as your personal tour guide. We’ll take care of all the details.

If you want to take your vacation to the next level, then you’ve got numerous causes to seek the services of a Fishing Charter Business. Our trips add fun to your Captiva Island FL area getaway. Getting out on the water and treating your children, a group of buddies, or clients to a behind the scenes look at our remarkable playground of shoreline will be something they’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Our Captiva FL Flats Fishing Charter Prices Are Affordable

Our fees cover the finest fishing gear, tackle, fresh bait and licenses necessary for a great day of fishing. Trip prices start at $350 and are customizable depending on how long you’d like to keep catching fish. Flats fishing in the bays of the barrier islands of Sanibel and Captiva holds the bounty of many different species of fish. A regional favorite combination to try for is referred to as the Pine Island Sound “Inshore Slam” and is made up of catching a trio of fish including Snook, Redfish and Spotted Sea Trout.

Captiva Deep Sea Fishing Charter Reviews From Our Clients

We have the topFort Myers Beach deep sea fishing charter reviews on Trip Advisor, Yelp, and Fishing BoWe have the top Captiva Florida deep sea fishing charter reviews on Trip Advisor, Yelp, and Fishing Booker. Scanning reviews is important when planning trips and hiring adventure services. Our great reviews emphasize the power of our outstanding reputation for winning client satisfaction.oker. Scanning reviews is important when planning trips and booking adventure services. Our great feedback reinforce the value of our successful character for winning customer fulfillment.

Captiva Island FL Offshore Fishing Charter Boats In Search Of Reef Species

A few of the most adventurous Offshore Fishing Charter guests wish to venture westward into the Gulf to search for reef and deep sea species. Lee County is home to over 200 offshore reefs deployed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and Fort Myers Lee County. We have a considerable amount of shallow-water man-made reefs within easy reach of our shores where we often find some wonderful table fish like gray snapper, sheepshead, or maybe even a cobia. You will find young grouper close to shore, particularly in summer months, but expect most of your catch to be smaller reef fish. Migrating aquatics like king mackerel will occupy the reefs in spring and fall, as well as permit and yellowtail.

Captiva Island Shark Fishing Charters

In South Florida waters, the best locations for shark fishing charters are around inlets and in bays and sounds. Formations resembling natural or man-made reefs or wharfs and overpasses appeal to little fish which in turn appeal to sharks. Beneath the Sanibel Causeway span bridge is a good site for fishing for sharks. Lots of intrepid Catch Me If U Can Fishing Charter sportsmen and women have landed (and released) lots of bonnethead sharks while fishing beneath that famous bridge.

Another reliable place in Fort Myers is the shallow flats and crannies of Pine Island Sound protected behind the island of Sanibel. This is an excellent place for finding young blacktip and bonnethead sharks.

Captiva Tarpon Fishing Charters

A top pick on anglers’ “must catch” checklists for Southwest Florida waters is a breed of sportfish that’s infamous for putting up a spectacular fight. These folks are in search of the tarpon. Also known as the “silver king,” tarpon can easily grow as heavy as three hundred pounds and can grow over 8 foot long, howbeit please realize that they are immensely protected and cannot be kept for harvest.

Tarpon fishing legend predates the Calusa Indians, extends through the pirate days of Jose Gaspar, onto the roaring 1900s when Barron Collier set out on developing the region. President Theodore Roosevelt visited Useppa Island, Captiva Island, and Punta Gorda to fish for tarpon during the early 1900s. Ernest Hemingway, Herbert Hoover, Thomas Edison, Zane Grey, and Frederic Remington were also bold travelers who were allured by the sport of big game fishing in our Gulf waters, as were the Vanderilts, Rockerfellers and Rothschilds.

In the summer months we usually find these majestic fish roving the inshore waters or along shorelines eating almost any bait in their path. Even though tarpon could be reeled and landed with rather light tackle, we furnish rod and reel combos that allow you to land these esteemed fish quickly. We concentrate on releasing uninjured tarpon quickly because distressed tarpon are often the casualty of big sharks, exceptionally during spring and summertime.

Captiva Florida Shelling Charters and Sightseeing Voyages

Sanibel and its nearby barrier cays are some of the best shelling locations on the planet. Being a barrier island, Sanibel’s most uncommon trait is its east-west positioning in the Gulf of Mexico. Sanibel’s sand mass is situated perpendicular to the mainland coast as opposed to sitting parallel to shore like nearly every other barrier island. This distinctive logistic ensnares shells that are driven north by dominant winds and currents. Shells become easy to find as the surface of the water recedes when north gusts rush over the island. The best shelling months are usually December, January and February, however, summer gales regularly reveal enormous quantities and assortments of shells, much to our delight.

Our guides will show you remote beaches where you’ll learn about the local history of Southwest Florida and intimately examine the sea’s mysterious nature that washes up on our beaches. Discover for yourself the beachcombing technique characterized by the bent over posture of its practitioners and affectionately known as the “Sanibel stoop.” From corals to anemones, nettles and jellies to shelled mollusks and bivalves, each aspect of a living beach has a story to tell.

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