Frequently Asked Questions

What does Catch Me If U Can provide?
Catch Me If U Can provides all licensing, bait, tackle, rods and reels, cooler with ice and bottled water. Feel free to bring whatever snacks and beverages you wish.

What is the cancellation policy?

We have a 48 hour full fare cancellation policy. If you cancel between 48 hours and 7 days we do charge a 25% deposit that is non refundable.
No charge will occur if your captain cancels due to unsafe or inclement weather.

Is it customary to tip the captain?
The average gratuity in the US is 20%, our captains work very hard to make sure you have the best experience possible. They take extra time out of their days to prep and clean the boats so gratuity is very much appreciated.

Is cost of food and drinks included in charter price?
Bottled water is provided but please bring any additional drinks or snacks you would like for the day. Food and drink ordered at a restaurant is the responsibility of the charter guest.

Are there restroom facilities on the boat?
We do not have a restroom on the boat, however the marina has restroom facilities that can be used before departure.

Where do we meet?
Port Sanibel Marina
14341 Port Comfort Rd Fort Myers FL 33908

What should I bring on my charter?
Snacks, drinks, lotion sunscreen (spray sunscreen is not allowed on board), hats, towels, sandals, and polarized sunglasses are recommended.

Shelling Charters and Sightseeing Voyages

      Sanibel and her neighboring barrier cays are some of the most extreme shelling locations on the planet. Being a barrier island, Sanibel’s most uncommon characteristic is its east-west situation in the Gulf of Mexico. Sanibel’s land mass sits vertical to the mainland coast as opposed to sitting parallel to shore like nearly every other barrier island. This distinctive situation ensnares shells which are pushed north by dominant gusts and tidal motion.

      Shells become easy to find as the surface of the water recedes when north winds rush across the island. The most popular shelling times are usually December, January and February, however, summer gales often reveal enormous numbers and assortments of shells, much to our delight.

      Catch Me If U Can guides will show you remote beaches where you’ll discover the natural history of Southwest Florida and intimately investigate the sea’s mysterious secrets that ends up on our beaches. Learn for yourself the beachcombing method distinguished by the bent over posture of its participants and referred to as the “Sanibel stoop.” From corals to anemones, jellies and nettles to bivalves and shelled mollusks, each aspect of a living beach has its own tale to tell.