SWFL has a world class Tarpon fishery, during tarpon season we see a large migration of fish traveling from up north, straight off the beaches of Sanibel and Captiva and down to the Florida keys.

SWFL Tarpon Fishing

The big choice on anglers’ bucket lists for Southwest Florida waters is a species of gamefish that’s notorious for delivering a great battle. These folks are in pursuit of the tarpon. Also called the “silver king,” tarpon can easily reach as heavy as 300 lbs and can reach over 8 foot in length, howbeit keep in mind that they are greatly protected and can’t be retained for harvest.

While the coastline area of SW Florida is full of charter fishing for hire, there are some critical factors that make us stand out from our competitors in Fort Myers Beach Florida. Our clients get a veteran, trusted and well-known Fort Myers and Sanibel Island Florida Tarpon Fishing Charter Business who is concerned about their wishes and who treats fishing charter clients as if they are close family.

 We are devoted to releasing healthy tarpon quickly because distressed tarpon are oftentimes the casualty of large sharks, particularly amid the spring and summer months.

Tarpon Fishing With Captain Tadem

Captain Tadem is a second generation guide that has spent many years learning how and why tarpon act the way they do. He wants to learn every pattern of the amazing fish and why they react to every variable within their environment so that he can accomplish his mission as efficiently as possible to yield the best catch rate. We target these powerful sport fish using a plethora of live baitfish and crabs. He always makes sure he has the best bait possible to make sure every trip is as successful as possible.